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So let's start this of with saying that I hate holidays. My family hates one another, and they do little to hide it. But this year wasn't so bad. I spent the day at my mother's, playing, of all games, chess. Yes, chess. It's odd the things that bring my family together. but I'll take what I can get. We had fun. Which is better than the alternative.

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I've always thought blogs are stupid; why would you want your private thoughts posted where the world can see? Because, of course, the world is out to get you.  But I saw this by accident, and figured, what the hell. Why not? I can't communicate with anyone at school, why not look on the internet?
So I'm sixteen, though I'm bound to have put otherwise on my profile. I am a lesbian who can't find anyone. I am a writer who can't spell. I am a musician with only half an ear. I am here and still hanging on. And still having fun.
I am taking a chance and going along and trying something new with this site. What the hell, it might be fun. So hey.
So hey, if you read this and you care, or wanna chat, drop me a line (can you do this on this site?). 
I'm ok, and it's a change.

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